Marketing partnership with Salesforce Korea

Apr 2023

Dexter Krema, a subsidiary company of VFX content production specialist company Dexter Studios (206560), is partnering with global CRM solution company Salesforce to enhance its global competitiveness in advertising and marketing businesses. Dexter Studios is expected to play an active role as a leading company in the industry by introducing an On-Demand system that supports the entire marketing business from software solutions to practical services- the first of its kind in Korea. 

On April 26th, Dexter Studios announced that Dexter Krema (CEO Son Dong-jin, Song Kyung-woon), a specialized advertising and marketing company, had signed a marketing consulting partnership with Salesforce Korea (CEO Son Boo-han) and established a joint operating development agreement. Both companies plan to provide digital marketing services to client companies to support marketing strategy development and execution. 

Dexter Krema has won more than 16 international advertising awards in the digital sector since its founding in 2009 and has grown into a leading comprehensive digital agency, taking charge of global advertisement planning and integrated communications for major domestic and global companies. It has also demonstrated its creative business capabilities both domestically and internationally by being certified as an official partner of Google Marketing Platform. Since last year, it has expanded its business scope to include virtual production, AI (Artificial Intelligence) meta-humans, global personalized media, and NFT marketing. 

An official from Dexter Krema said, "We are engaged in sales that incorporate advertising marketing in various industries such as IT, automotive, fashion, architecture, food, and culture," and "As marketing has become an essential tool for business activities, it is time for a strategic approach aimed at the advertising market." 

To sign this consulting partnership, Dexter Krema obtained the Salesforce management certification to enhance its professional expertise. As a CRM consulting company, they have met all the necessary qualifications to provide quality services and plan to apply the business capabilities they have accumulated as a specialized planning agency to CRM consulting. 

An official from Salesforce Korea said, "Salesforce's abundant technology, combined with Dexter Krema's marketing strategy consulting know-how, allows us to propose an integrated CRM marketing strategy optimized for each company." 

Salesforce provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) around the world, and companies are supported by a variety of services such as customer relationship management, sales management, and marketing automation services. In addition, Salesforce provides a system that maximizes corporate business performance by utilizing analysis technology based on the visualization-centered data analysis tool 'Tableau' and advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as generative AI and active AI (Actionable AI). 

"The development of a joint offering with Dexter Krema will be a new opportunity to more strategically utilize the CRM solutions provided by Salesforce," said Son Buhan, CEO of Salesforce Korea. 

Song Kyung-woon, CEO of Dexter Krema, said, "We expect that the collaboration with Salesforce will greatly help improve the quality of digital marketing services provided by Dexter Krema and strengthen its technological capabilities."



Contact: Dexter Studio Public Relations Team Manager Tae-Eun Jung

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 010 – 3037 – 062