Dexter Krema's NFTs

Apr 2023

NFTs are a relatively new technology being embraced by artists, gamers, and businesses, both in South Korea and all over the world. As the use cases for NFTs continue to expand, agencies will need to have the vision to incorporate them naturally into campaigns and leverage the buzz around the technology into sales. 

At Dexter Krema, we are always looking to the future and experimenting with emerging trends and technologies. Our talented in-house team created ‘Kre-Magnon’ NFTs to help our employees understand the processes around NFTs and inspired us to think about how to incorporate this into our future projects with clients. Designed based on Cro-Magnons, early modern humans who occupied Europe around 56,000 years ago, the NFTs were available to employees on a private virtual marketplace for a limited time. Employees could obtain these NFTs for free and various rewards and prizes were available for those who participated. The project is ongoing and promises long-term learning and engagement for employees in this space. 

In the advertising space, it is important to be nimble and forward-thinking as an agency and to incorporate innovative technology into campaigns, both with existing and new clients. Dexter Krema’s employees are digital creatives with the specialized knowledge and capacity for the end-to-end process of NFT marketing and the ability to leverage new technology into successful campaigns.